Craft Scotland

Craft Scotland is a charity, working to unite, inspire and champion craft in Scotland. Find out more about us at
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We found some beautiful hand printed postcards during our office tidy up: from Etsy’s very early days!  

Wishing everybody a lovely festive season and all the best for 2014. We are taking a break and will be back on 6 January.

It’s almost time for the preview - Craft Scotland at SOFA Chicago #cssofa

The #cssummershow has officially started!

Bracelet by Peter Chang (at National Museum of Scotland)

Art From Iran exhibition at National Museum of Scotland (at National Museum of Scotland)

This is happening #dinosaur #mincepies

Our new #craft ‘connect’ cards from MOO

Today we are in the studio with @JGalvinDesign #craft #furniture

More paper craft at @ByLeavesWeLive #giftED exhibition